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Welcome to the Future of Digital Infrastructure

Hardware Co-Design | Device to Datacenter
In a world where everything is an AI-enabled computer, your enterprise is code, your infrastructure is intelligent, and co-design is the best way to build it.
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SourceCode Co-Design

SourceCode Co-Design

Why SourceCode

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Chips-to-Apps Expertise

Hands-on Experience Co-Designing Digital Infrastructure for Leading Edge Applications

ESG-Driven AI Clusters

Supersonic Aircraft Active Flow Control

Cryptographic Storage

Immersive Gaming and Metaverse

Cloud-Scale Storage and Content Delivery Networks

Engagement Model that Reduces Complexity and Cost


Co-Design Solutions
Engineering-led process honed over many years


Fulfill Ongoing Requirements
Industry’s best configurator and ecommerce platform

Why SourceCode

Why SourceCode

Why Now

It’s a New Era for Digital Infrastructure

Smart. Algorithmic. Real-Time.
Customized. Integrated. Programmable.
It’s a threat.
Unless You Make it the Opportunity

And it Demands a New Kind of Partner

Because an intelligent infrastructure is where organizations become code.
And because the future is Engineering-Led. Mission-Focused. End to End.
It’s Co-designed. Co-created.

It’s SourceCode