Financial Services

Today’s financial institutions operate at an exceptional pace and deal with incredibly large volumes of data that would be have been impossible to manage in the past. In an industry where complex algorithms manage finances and customers want to access their investments from anywhere at any time, financial services organizations can’t afford aging IT infrastructures. Edge computing, high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced storage solutions are changing the industry and unlocking the potential for tailored customer experiences, hyper-personalization, and back-end support for any business model.

Edge Computing

The use of edge computing in the financial services sector has expanded dramatically in recent years. It has grown from ATMs to electronic payment kiosks at retail locations and from global business-to-business transactions to devices that help improve personalization, and more.

Source Code has supported clients at each step of this growth. With a strong understanding of equipment design and its use in practice, our engineers are innovators, evolving as client needs evolve. One recent new turn-key product, for example, can extend the location of payment terminals to sidewalks and outdoor stations for online order pickups.

Source Code's deep industry expertise helps ensure clients save time and bandwidth and optimize their investment. This is why so many financial services firms come to Source Code for a wide array of edge computing devices for their needs today and innovations they hope to deploy in the future.


Custom Server: Compute

HPC Clusters & AI Systems

Large financial services institutions are well-known for adopting new and emerging digital technologies, including HPC and AI. But it's no longer only top-tier banks that want to take advantage of real-time or in-depth data analytics.

Source Code helps a wide variety of financial services clients. Expert engineers analyze each client's unique business and technical needs to create the optimal solution for that scenario. Source Code systems run client applications for internal-facing use cases (such as fraud detection and risk management) as well as end-user facing uses (such as portfolio optimization and high-speed stock trading).

Customizable Servers

For clients looking for individual servers, Source Code has developed a configurator that brings together engineering best practices, component compatibility within physical design, and other parameters. Financial services firms can quickly and easily configure single servers to suit their specific need and have them shipped from a U.S.-based Source Code engineering service center.

Custom Server: Storage

Compute/Storage Solutions

Source Code engineers routinely design complete compute/storage systems for financial services clients running HPC or AI applications. Their experience with both sides of these systems helps ensure high bandwidth data transfer and higher speed transfer rates. The resulting systems are custom-tailored to generate the greatest return on investment for their specific client use cases.

Standalone, Enterprise-Grade Storage

Regulatory compliance is a huge issue for financial services firms as they must retain some records for five years or longer, which presents quite a storage demand. On top of that, large volumes of transactions each with multiple data elements come into these firms hourly, giving the term big data a whole new meaning. And, since most transactions today are digital, backups and disaster recovery are critical considerations.


Source Code offers a wide array of storage solutions to address these diverse needs. Deep experience and partnerships with leading storage component suppliers allow Source Code engineers to implement the latest, most appropriate technology for each situation.

Individual Storage Appliances

For Financial services clients looking for specific storage appliances, the Source Code configurator brings together engineering best practices, component compatibility within physical design, and other parameters so the clients can quickly configure the optimal product for their unique needs.

Managed Network & Security Services

Financial services organizations need to remain extremely agile with their technology footprint. But they also need to maintain the highest standards of information security and privacy protection. Source Code’s services group helps these firms to take advantage of new, state-of-art technology for a high-performance IT infrastructure that is secure, reliable, scalable, and optimized for maximum speed and efficiency.