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As aerospace and defense teams look to achieve a tactical advantage, the use of high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence, and edge devices can help these organizations transform real-time decision making, expand situational awareness and security, enhance military readiness, and design next-generation equipment.

Datacenter Compute

HPC Clusters & AI Systems

SourceCode designs custom engineered HPC and AI hardware solutions that can be used in commercial and military aircraft, missiles, space (including satellites and launch vehicles), and general aviation design and operation.

Our solutions architects work with you to understand your specific organizational and technical requirements. These architects investigate how that system will be used, whether it is training and simulation; navigation; command and control; intelligence and surveillance; design and manufacturing; communications; or another use. And then they build a custom solution.

aerospace defense custom compute servers

Customizable Servers

To ensure aerospace and defense organizations of all sizes can harness the power of HPC quickly and effectively, SourceCode also offers an online server configurator. This allows you to quickly and easily configure single servers to suit your specific needs and have them shipped to you from a U.S.-based SourceCode engineering service center.

aerospace defense military big data storage servers

Datacenter Storage

Compute/Storage Solutions

Aerospace and defense organizations typically have unique performance and security requirements. SourceCode engineers have a great deal of experience designing data storage that is highly performant, scalable, and secure while ensuring data is easily accessible for complex calculations.

Standalone, Enterprise-Grade Storage

Most traditional aerospace and defense data storage options cannot keep pace with high-end microprocessors, high-speed sensors, fast data networks, and a never-ending industry appetite for more information. To meet these needs, SourceCode system architects deliver flexible, standalone enterprise-grade storage solutions that fulfill today’s requirements and help address tomorrow’s demands.

Individual Storage Appliances

For specific storage appliances, the SourceCode configurator brings together engineering best practices, component compatibility within physical designs, and other parameters so you can quickly configure the optimal product for your unique needs.

Smart Edge

The explosion in unmanned aircraft systems (such as drones and UAVs), as well as secure cyber-physical systems (i.e., waterproof tablets that allow submarines to be controlled from outside the vessel), has caused a dramatic rise in the use of edge computing in this sector. But the engineering expertise to design mobile or Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are also sufficiently rugged to resist the effects of shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, and electromagnetic interference, is hard to find. As a new kind of global technology supplier, SourceCode is focused on co-design partnerships and engineering-led custom solutions to create the ideal solution for your unique business and technology needs.

aerospace defense edge computing drone iot