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As businesses move to the cloud, many are turning to managed service providers to meet their ever-changing technology needs. If you are a data center, cloud provider, or managed hosting service provider, you know that clients have high expectations—both in terms of performance and storage requirements—to keep data available and secure, and to keep costs low.

High-Performance Computing

More organizations are choosing the flexibility of high-performance computing (HPC) on-demand, dramatically increasing the demand for cloud-based computing. SourceCode can help you build cloud or hybrid cloud HPC solutions focused on optimizing return on investment. Our expert engineers work with you to understand your specific business and technical needs. The result is a custom-tailored system that gives you access to the computing power you want in a much more flexible platform.

Customizable Servers

If you are a managed services or cloud hosting company, SourceCode makes it easy for you to build or expand your pool of compute servers. The SourceCode configurator brings together engineering best practices, component compatibility within the physical design, and other parameters, so you can quickly configure the optimal product for your unique needs.

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Cloud and managed services companies, as well as organizations with in-house cloud solutions, often need to expand with additional storage appliances. The SourceCode online server configurator allows for quick and easy configuration of single servers to suit any need and have them shipped from a U.S.-based SourceCode engineering service center.