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The manufacturing infrastructure of the future is here – smart, real-time, customized, and programmable. This next-generation intelligent infrastructure will help manufacturers create more autonomous operations, ensure business continuity, enhance safety and security, and provide actionable insights drawn from data across the enterprise.

Smart Edge

Embedded computing devices have become so popular in industrial use that they have spawned what is being called the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). With a variety of global certifications, SourceCode devices are deployed widely across the manufacturing sector. Applications include controlling and monitoring machines or equipment, including timing, operation, safety, as well as a myriad of other use cases. With deep expertise and experience in embedded computing, cybersecurity, networking, testing, and production, SourceCode engineers work with you to quickly create unique, complex solutions for a wide range of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

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Managed Network & Security Services

Information technology is changing manufacturing organization faster than ever. They are challenged with an increasing number of compliance requirements, such as NIST 800-171, ISO 9001, and GDPR. But many need assistance with digital transformation, business continuity, or other major projects. SourceCode’s services group can help you achieve specific project goals implementing the infrastructure on which your applications operate, while also providing “run and maintain” services.

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Datacenter Compute

HPC Clusters & AI Systems

Using high-performance computing (HPC) to automate a factory or computer-aided design (CAD) is commonplace today. A growing number of manufacturing organizations are also using artificial intelligence (AI) to gain greater value from their manufacturing processes. SourceCode helps you achieve your goals with custom-tailored hardware optimized for your unique workload.

Customizable Servers

If you need individual servers for computing projects and do not require a full cluster or AI system, SourceCode has built a detailed online product configuration tool that allows you to quickly and easily configure single servers to suit your specific needs. This tool helps guide you through all the options available with particular servers, noting best practices from the engineering team.

Datacenter Storage

Compute/Storage Solutions

Open source, low-cost Linux-based HPC systems have become increasingly available for businesses of all sizes, with AI advancing its adoption as well. This has resulted in a corresponding demand for storage as part of these systems. With decades of experience in building massive systems for the largest organizations to innovative, smaller firms who need fast, effective storage to compete with bigger rivals, SourceCode’s expert engineers create effective storage solutions for HPC and AI systems.

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Standalone, Enterprise-Grade Storage

Not only must enterprise-grade storage meet stringent data retention and access requirements, it must also scale when firms need additional capacity. SourceCode engineers draw upon decades of experience and expertise to design and manufacture custom solutions to meet every need.

Individual Storage Appliances

If you want to scale easily and cost-effectively by adding a specific storage appliance, SourceCode’s interactive configurator tool brings together engineering best practices, component compatibility on physical design, and other parameters so that you can quickly configure the optimal product for your unique needs.