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Edge AI/HPC Reference Architectures

Implementing HPC and AI on the edge requires a strong understanding of both computing and form factor. That’s why Source Code maintains a series of reference architectures for specific edge deployments and workloads.

Each is the result of hours of engineering, testing, and optimization for power, latency, and related concerns of resource-hungry applications as well as space, size, ruggedization, and other issues facing in-field deployments.

These reference architectures lay the groundwork for unique and sophisticated solutions, saving you time and focusing on customizing the design for your specific workload and organizational needs –not redoing the basic elements with each new engagement.

Each reflects all our past work designing edge devices to meet the unique demands AI and HPC places on hardware. And they are a great starting place for your customized edge deployment.

Learn more about our edge HPC and AI reference architectures:

Mission Ready Systems

SourceCode Mission Ready Systems are secure, rugged 1U and 2U servers featuring the latest in high-performance computing technologies to ensure peak performance and versatility. They are used across a diverse range of defense and enterprise applications, and support on-premise, edge, and cloud deployments.

Argos Ruggedized Edge System

Devices that support AI on the edge (i.e., such as in-vehicle or MIL-SPEC systems) are complex to design. The Argos Ruggedized Edge System includes modern, state-of-the-art AI hardware designed to resist environmental conditions and is powerful enough to support accelerated computing. These systems are encased in a sealed container with a custom cooling solution and equipped with shock absorbers for the most rugged deployments.

Edge System

Some organizations need cloud-like services (i.e., storage, compute, containers, GPU) in edge environments. But big, CSP provided solutions are expensive and have vendor-specific configurations. The customizable Edge System combines ruggedized, enterprise-grade components and a private cloud software stack suitable, all designed for use in the field, for the same performance but lower cost than Snowball.

CDI Edge Cluster

Running a cluster outside of a datacenter can limit the workloads you can support. You have limited footprint, environmental concerns (vibration, heat, dust, moisture), power envelope limitations and other issues. The CDI Edge Cluster gives you the power to reconfigure resources on the edge and still get bare-metal performance. At the same time, it addresses form factor and deployment limitations you find at the edge.

HCI Edge Cluster

A secure enclave/cloud environment is complex to design. Putting that capability at the edge makes it even more challenging and costly. The Edge HCI Cluster solves the problem with a dense, scalable central cloud with a smaller, localized cloud-in-a-box at the edge, all using commodity components to keep costs down.