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Unleash the Power of AI Processing Anywhere with Gryf

Gryf co-designed by SourceCode and GigaIO is a portable supercomputer for rapid AI processing of time-sensitive data in the field. Gryf redefines portability by packing a powerful datacenter into a ruggedized suitcase form factor. Built to withstand the rigors of field deployment, Gryf is the ultimate solution for on-the-go AI processing needs.

Gryf Expeditionary AI Compute Platform
Gryf Expeditionary AI Compute Platform

Ideal Use Cases

  • Defense/Aerospace
  • Natural Disaster Response
  • Sports Analytics
  • Sports Entertainment

Gryf: Redefining Deployable Edge Computing

Gryf offers unmatched efficiency and flexibility in portable edge computing solutions. With its lightweight and rugged carbon fiber enclosure, TSA-standard fly-away kit design, and 6 slots available for resources, Gryf empowers users to compose a high-performance modular compute platform anywhere, anytime.

Gryf Expeditionary AI Compute Platform
Gryf Expeditionary AI Compute Platform

Empowering Mission Success with Composable Edge Computing Solutions

Gryf’s innovative design introduces a composable and configurable infrastructure that revolutionizes on-the-fly resource allocation. With an unmatched design that allows for independent resource access between sleds and servers, Gryf offers up to 1.5PB of storage and GPU per unit, catering to large air-gapped data sets. Interconnect up to 5 Gryf units for virtually limitless composability, with 30 available slots for resources.

Key Features:

Elevate your edge computing capabilities with Gryf, the ultimate in portable solutions for mission-critical operations.