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HPC Clusters & AI Systems

Expert included. That’s the motto of Source Code’s high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) system engineering team. These experts design and build Linux-based hardware infrastructure solutions to meet each client’s unique business and technical needs.

GPU-Accelerated Computing

Clients running AI applications can take advantage of the team’s experience with leading machine learning software such as PyTorch and TensorFlow as well as CUDA, NVIDIA CuDNN, and other graphics processing unit (GPU) focused technology.

Ready to Deploy

All systems arrive fully integrated, tested, and ready for rapid deployment. These solutions are also under warranty and fully supported by expert engineering teams so that clients can implement their new system with confidence.


Customized Servers

Source Code offers proven, pre-configured servers for more common HPC scenarios. For clients looking to quickly expand an existing system, Source Code also offers automated guidance in selecting the right design via proprietary decision tree software.

Guided Self-Service

This configurator takes into account best practices from Source Code’s expert engineers (i.e., what components work well together) as well as restrictions on physical design (such as the number of drive bays). The selections are also cross-referenced against inventory data to ensure the fastest possible turnaround.

A Variety of Options

If necessary, the guided design is sent to a specialist who works with the client to make any modifications necessary to achieve the buyer’s unique needs. And, thanks to deep relationships with all the top software and equipment providers and powerful purchasing processes, Source Code can offer leading-edge designs for every budget.

High-Performance Workstations

Some users need to perform specific types of advanced computing, including HPC, while also engaging in traditional business computing at their desks. The solution for them is a high-performance workstation.

For Common Use Cases

Source Code offers workstations in various designs, each tailored to the needs of different industries and use cases. Clients can start with suggestions that focus on a specific objective, such as a quiet workplace or high performance, or for those in graphics-heavy or other GPU-intensive tasks powerful, NVIDIA-based workstations.

Highly Customizable

Clients can customize the unit via a configurator that embeds best practices from Source Code engineers, guiding clients through the workstation’s physical restrictions. Client’s configurations are also cross-referenced against inventory data to ensure the fastest possible turnaround. Also, a specialist is always available for consultation and advanced modifications. The result is a high-performance workstation that can address the needs of virtually any HPC user.