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Edge Computing

Mission-Critical Embedded Computing

Source Code has become a leading provider of highly reliable mobile and embedded computer and display solutions for mission-critical applications around the world. The expert team of engineers have decades of experience designing and building devices that manage to achieve the low energy consumption, high speed, reliability, adaptability, and environmental resilience necessary to this type of computing.

Design and Manufacturing Expertise

Source Code solutions often operate in areas with dust and extreme temperatures, such as in industrial or building automation. Other devices must be ruggedized because they are mounted in constantly moving first responder vehicles or marine vessels. Fortunately, the team has a deep, practical understanding of the tradeoffs between performance and longer life under harsh conditions. The design and manufacturing team can also leverage the buying power, and strong relationship Source Code has with its partners to ensure fast production for any size projects.

Edge Computing

Turn-Key Products

Source Code offer clients turn-key, industrial-grade solutions that have been designed to meet the most common client needs quickly and reliably. Specific offerings include ruggedized tablets, industrial-grade desktops, panel PCs, node PCs, and rackmount systems. The company also offers vehicle-mounted computers and industrial touch-screen computers (including a fully enclosed, water-resistant version for the marine sector).

Key Industry Standards

These pre-configured solutions meet multiple manufacturing and safety certifications, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) UL864, ATEX, and IECEx. Source Code also has many industry-specific certifications such as ABS (marine) and EN50155 (transportation) compliance. The company is certified to ISO 9001:2015, with manufacturing facilities located in the US. See the full list of certifications.

Completely Custom Solutions

Due to very specific and complex customer use cases, many engagements require completely custom engineered solutions. With hundreds of units already in the field, the team of expert engineers has a deep well of knowledge across a wide variety of industries to draw from.

And, as industrial Internet of things (IIoT), fire and life safety, military, retail, oil and gas, or other uses for embedded such as mobile and ruggedized devices grow, the team continues to develop and produce exciting new designs daily.

Edge Computing